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Focus area/objectives
ConSales helps its clients to analyze and recognize communication traps or barriers, or signals that are not being picked up within the organization or outside it, and to resolve such situations so as to optimize and develop the available potential. Our approach is based on customized concepts tailored to meet the needs of the organization. Companies come to us for help with a wide range of issues:

to develop their leadership abilities
(social/emotional competencies)
to stabilize their turnover
to cultivate customer relationships
and customer loyalty
to improve the quality of work
(sales, purchasing, customer service, etc.)
to develop teams and facilitate integration
to strengthen individuals within the
organization and increase motivation
to promote a harmonious working
environment and a uniform corporate culture
to demonstrate the company’s competencies
and strengthen its image in this respect
to implement changes or restructuring
to support people as they learn to
adapt to new tasks
to manage conflict, stress and time
to deal with the responsibility of entre-
preneurial risk

The focus is on “perception, communication and behavior”. Special emphasis is placed on both the personal development of the coachee and the overall goals of the company.

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